Hostal Tarifa  for its location allows you to enjoy the historic, shopping, dining and beach area without using the vehicle. The Hostal is near the bus station and the commercial port.

The Hostal is located on the main street Calle Batalla del Salado, 40.

Its geographical coordinates are: N36 ° 01’00.2 “- W005 ° 36 ‘24.7”

The town of Tarifa is the southernmost point of Europe, the closest to Africa (only 14 Km). Perfect to catch the ferry to Morocco (only 14 Km) Location. The waters of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, come together right in front of the city and make Per the paradise of surfers, windsurfing and kite surfing. The city is surrounded by pristine beaches and uncontaminated and is famous throughout Europe for whale watching and a perfect place for bird watching in their annual migration to Africa and back instead. In addition the city is known for its lively night for all ages.

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